Here are some of the stories that Volunteers shared on their recap survey

When asked if they would volunteer again at Care Day, they said…

Very organized so that I felt my time was well used and effective

Looking forward to next year!

I had a great experience and am thankful for the opportunity I was given. It was a lot of fun and very rewarding!

If I can help it, I’ll never miss one! 

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE. The 3 separate client/participants I worked with were extremely appreciative and became more comfortable as they began to see all the caring and compassion reaching out for them in ways that did not intimidate or “appraise” their situation. Such a day of hope on all fronts.

The family I “guided” received many services they needed! They were so happy to get a broken tooth fixed, lunch, socks and underwear, housing info. They really had a great day!

Went GREAT. Humans, and not machines, were truly available for each other ;^)

The spirit of helping and smiling and caring was AWESOME!!!!!!!

I loved hearing the stories about the lives of the guests. Once you showed interest, they just wanted to talk and tell you about themselves.

Volunteers also shared their favorite memories and stories from Care Day 2016

It was the first time I truly understood some people/families are one paycheck away from homelessness…. yet continue to be thankful and happy. I did not meet one unhappy person at Care Day. That’s a testament to the hearts of both the volunteers and those seeking help. Fabulous program.

Helping little 7-year-old Marcus. His face just lit up when he received the books from Usbourne. And he loved getting new shoes.

I loved having lunch with three homeless women from Sophia’s Place. I listened to their stories and was amazed at their openness in hard circumstances.

I was working at the kids’ donation table and a little girl was so excited about all of the gifts she was receiving. She commented, “how can all of this be free?” It was so sweet and it was wonderful to know how much the small gifts meant to her :).

I was a Greeter and then a Guide for a Mother and two Daughters who were homeless. She had been in 4 car accidents within a short time and has not been able to work. The services which interested her most were Dental, Hair Cuts, Legal Counseling, Transportation, Cell phones, Pet care, and Shoes for her girls. The 10-year-old could not find tennis shoes to fit, so with help of the volunteer she found the cutest pair of BOC Sandals with a leather flower on the toe. It did my heart good to see the big smile on her face as she danced around in them. I was very impressed with the folks that organize this event

Just their (guests) thanks of appreciation for us being there to do their hair. They were very grateful.

I loved watching people get their hair cut. They looked like they had a piece of their dignity restored as they walked away. Both of the guests I escorted were very grateful for everything and so, so happy to be there.

A young mother with two elementary age children arrived with her 50’s father that she was helping get services. He had moved from another state, to be with her after some physical injury. He’s seeking job retraining, hoping to ‘get back on his feet’. Her initial unease & guarded apprehension were soon alleviated when they saw the organized room of welcoming faces and so many resources. It was easy to show God’s love for them by encouraging words of compassion along with tangible blessings of the many donations – making it real ‘today’. We quickly got them to both the legal advice and mental health connections they asked for, along with supplies for kids and groceries. There was help for them in the moment, and future directions. They all left in cheer, & encouraged – the kids literally jumped with delight at each booth, & thankful fort the “gifts” being “free” – plus spontaneous happy hugs to me as they left for the bus. So sweet to see the 3 generations of this family standing together for each other, and enabling each other to get help when needed – a wonderful life skill and lesson for all of us. It takes courage on their part, and builds faith for us all when we “Love our neighbor” and try to be our ‘brother’s keeper’ the best we can. Thank you so very much for orchestrating this incredible event and helping us all team-up for giving hope and light. I definitely received a “cup running over” from the atmosphere of grace and sincere-hearted volunteers. Especially too from the clients who shared big parts of their lives with trust and hope giving me irreplaceable learning and meaningful friendship in that short time of outreach. What a blessing to be part of this expanding circle of brotherly love. Care Day is way better than ‘random acts of kindness’ — it instills regular acts of kindness, and generosity purposed for lasting joy.

One Hispanic family wanted several haircuts and the 10- or 12-year-old girl specifically wanted to donate her long hair, so I took them back and talked to a lady who promised the young lady that she would find someone who did this. On their way out the mom who also had her hair cut gave me a kiss on my cheek as I gave her a hug and she told me she loved me. Amazing

I met a gal who was a domestic violence victim. She came to get her hair cut and I was so moved by the change in her countenance. She came in giving very little eye contact and worried about the photographers. After her haircut, she couldn’t stop smiling. I almost didn’t recognize her. She emanated beauty from within! It was a wonderful transformation to see.

Helping a family of 5, and see Mom and the kids’ faces when they saw the kids’ portrait.

I was amazed at the number and variety of providers that were brought together. I was so happy that folks were able to get various types of medical checkups.

A young mom with three little nuggets. It was obvious that she had needs. When I let her know she could pick out shoes for herself and flip flops for the kids she responded with ” I don’t need to take more than I need, I’m sure someone else needs it more than me”

I loved watching individuals get their hair cut. For some men, this included a beard trim. The pride, beaming on their faces made my day!

My favorite memory will just be that there were so many people thankful for the help they were given that one day.

Seeing the love and humanity offered to all

Several guests mentioned how organizations or friends kept encouraging them to come and they were so glad they did.

Children getting shoes and jumping up and down with excitement. A family getting hope of a car back in working order with the mechanics’ services.